Script for Kid Vohaul

Description: Sludge "Wilby" Vohaul as a kid, before he went all bonkers and evil.
Even at this point, he had an interest in science, but in a very wide-eyed and innocent way.
That should give you some clues as to his voice.

704 - Vohaul's Mind - Desk

[VOH179] Kid Vohaul: Aw, cool! A fireworks potion! Let's see... two parts yellow... one part green...
[VOH180] Kid Vohaul: ...and three parts purple.
[VOH181] Kid Vohaul: Hey, dad! Do we have any more purple in the house?
Vohaul's Father: Why? What are you making? You better not be playing with that chemistry set!
[VOH182] Kid Vohaul: Um... nothing!
[VOH183] Kid Vohaul: My juice is purple! I'll just use that!

Vohaul's Father: Vohaul, what's going on up there? What's all that racket?
[VOH184] Kid Vohaul: Um, nothing. I'm gonna come downstairs and play now... after I wash up.
Vohaul's Father: All right, son. But be quick about it!
Roger: Boy, that was a close one, wasn't it?
[VOH185] Kid Vohaul: Yeah, I'll never disobey my parents ever, ever, ever again!
Roger: You look like you've learned your lesson.
[VOH186] Kid Vohaul: Yeah! It's written ALL OVER MY FACE!
Roger: Hahaha! Oh, Vohaul!
[VOH187] Kid Vohaul: That's me!

[VOH188] Kid Vohaul: You're not my parents! Go away!

[VOH189] Kid Vohaul: My parents won't let me make any of the cool stuff in this book.
Roger: Like what?
[VOH190] Kid Vohaul: Like there's a whole chapter about vaporizing planets, and another one about cloning insurance salesmen.
[VOH191] Kid Vohaul: There's even one about uploading your memory into digital space so you can CHEAT DEATH.
Roger: You definitely should not be playing with this.

[VOH192] Kid Vohaul: Well, my mom is a very nice lady. She likes to knit all the time!
[VOH193] Kid Vohaul: My dad likes to read newspapers and tell people to stop bothering him!
[VOH194] Kid Vohaul: And my brother is a big mean stupid-head who likes to pick on me and steal my toys!
Roger: Why does your brother pick on you?
[VOH195] Kid Vohaul: Because I always get what I want for my birthdays and mom won't even let him have a pet. So he takes it out on me.

Roger: Echo!
[VOH196] Kid Vohaul: Shh!

Roger: I want them to leave.
[VOH197] Kid Vohaul: Daddy made that for the neighbors. The police made him take it down.

[VOH198] Kid Vohaul: Hey! Don't touch my teddy bear mug! That's my favorite mug in the whole wide world and we're gonna be together forever and ever!

[VOH199] Kid Vohaul: Hey! Where'd my juice go?! Give that back!
Narrator: Suddenly, you feel compelled to replace the juice mug you just stole.
[VOH200] Kid Vohaul: That's better!
Narrator: Apparently, this juice mug is a key element to the memory and can't be stolen that easily.

705 - Vohaul's Mind - Living Room

Vohaul's Father: Wilby, come downstairs and play with your new toys!
[VOH201] Kid Vohaul: No, that's okay, daddy!
Vohaul's Father: You're not playing with that new chemistry set, are you?
[VOH202] Kid Vohaul: No, daddy!
Vohaul's Father: You better not. There's a parental advisory on that thing. If you blow us all up, I will sell you into slavery.
Vohaul's Mother: Oh, dear - please.
Vohaul's Father: All right, all right - ahem - I will sell you into science! Much more becoming of a Vohaul!
[VOH203] Kid Vohaul: Yes, daddy! I'll be good!
Vohaul's Mother: What a darling little angel.
Slash Vohaul: Sludge sucks!
Vohaul's Mother: Don't call your little brother names, Slash.
Roger: Wilby? Heh.

706 - Vohaul's Mind - Exploded Living Room

Vohaul's Father: Mother, after careful consideration, I have decided to sell our son to science.
[VOH204] Kid Vohaul: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

718 - Vohaul's Mind - Brain

Roger: Don't worry, guys! I'll get you out of here!
[VOH302] Kid Vohaul: Why does this always happen on my birthday?!
Monolith Vohaul: And I just got promoted!
Beach Vohaul: I don't wanna die a virgin!

Roger: I don't suppose any of you guys want this highly reflective piece of Octuple-Thick Pseudo-Morphed Windshield Glass?
[VOH305] Kid Vohaul: No thank you.
Monolith Vohaul: Not in the slightest.
Beach Vohaul: ...I might.
Roger: Yeah, yeah... wait - really?
Beach Vohaul: But only if nobody else wants it.
Roger: Oh, believe me - NOBODY wants this!
Beach Vohaul: Have you asked absolutely everyone?

Roger: Do any of you guys want this mug back?
[VOH314] Kid Vohaul: Ooh! Ooh! Give it here!
Monolith Vohaul: No way! You already spent your whole childhood with it! It's mine!
Beach Vohaul: You idiots! This is not the time to be arguing over a stupid mug!
Beach Vohaul: Besides, it's obviously mine. Otherwise you'll both lose it too when you become me.
Roger: Ah, maybe I'll hold onto it until I get you guys out of there.

Global Script

Roger: Hey, kid. Look what I got.
[VOH63] Kid Vohaul: Mommy told me not to take highly-reflective Octuple-Thick Pseudo-Morphed Windshield Glass from strangers.

Roger: Do you want this hamster?
[VOH64] Kid Vohaul: No. I'm holding out for a pet monkey.

[VOH65] Kid Vohaul: Mommy told me not to take things from strangers.