Script for Vohaul's Mother

Description: Vohaul's mom, as remembered by Vohaul from his childhood.
A hearty housewife, who loves her life on Xenon dearly, and her voice should reflect that.
The memory is an exaggerated version of reality, so some overacting may fit the character.

705 - Vohaul's Mind - Living Room

Vohaul's Father: Wilby, come downstairs and play with your new toys!
Kid Vohaul: No, that's okay, daddy!
Vohaul's Father: You're not playing with that new chemistry set, are you?
Kid Vohaul: No, daddy!
Vohaul's Father: You better not. There's a parental advisory on that thing. If you blow us all up, I will sell you into slavery.
[MOTH1] Vohaul's Mother: Oh, dear - please.
Vohaul's Father: All right, all right - ahem - I will sell you into science! Much more becoming of a Vohaul!
Kid Vohaul: Yes, daddy! I'll be good!
[MOTH2] Vohaul's Mother: What a darling little angel.
Slash Vohaul: Sludge sucks!
[MOTH3] Vohaul's Mother: Don't call your little brother names, Slash.
Roger: Wilby? Heh.

Roger: Hi, I'm Roger. You must be Vohaul's parents.
Vohaul's Father: Honey, who is this wretched person trying to speak to me?
[MOTH4] Vohaul's Mother: I believe he's one of Wilby's little friends, dear.
Vohaul's Father: Well, please tell him he is tacky and he smells bad.
[MOTH5] Vohaul's Mother: Tell him yourself, dear.
Vohaul's Father: I shall have nothing more to do with him!

Roger: Excuse me, but...
Vohaul's Father: Sssh! Do you hear that? It is silence. Sssshhhh.
Roger: I just want to know...
Vohaul's Father: I said shush! Why does not he shush?! I slave over a hot stove all day! I demand shush!
[MOTH6] Vohaul's Mother: I slave over a hot stove, dear.
Vohaul's Father: No more complaining out of you either!

Roger: Hello, lovely lady, are you familiar with the miracle of highly reflective Octuple-Thick Pseudo-Morphed Windshield Glass?
[MOTH7] Vohaul's Mother: Ooh, no! Tell us all about it!
Roger: It slices, it dices, it does your laundry and picks up your kids from school!
Roger: How much would you pay for this amazing product? Don't answer that right away!
Roger: Because if you order it now for three easy payments, you'll also get this handy bucket and spoon!
[MOTH8] Vohaul's Mother: Oh, dear! Can I have one? Please!
Vohaul's Father: Hush! He is just a pushy salesman who wants our money!
Roger: Listen to your husband, m'am. He's a smart man - and quite handsome too, I might add.
Vohaul's Father: Flattery will only get you a belt across your behind. Sell your snake oil somewhere else!
Roger: Thank you for your time.