Script for Tacobelian Guard

Description: Guards General Forksmith's ship, even after it's gone.
Became a part of Vohaul's forces through the Expendable Minion Exchange Program.
This apeman actually recognises Roger right away and seems to be one step ahead compared to the other apemen.
Too bad no one understands what he is saying! With the Tacobelian quadrant being the SQ universe's equivalent of Mexico, he speaks Mexican.
Probably has a gruff voice.

Dialog: dShipGuard

Roger: Can I go past now?
Ship Guard: This area is off-limits.
Roger: Why?
Ship Guard: No one is to approach the general's ship.
Roger: What ship?
Ship Guard: It's... cloaked right now.
Roger: No, I'm sure it's gone...
Roger: Look, just let me walk through it.
Ship Guard: Sorry, no can do, the ship's off-limits.
Roger: But there is NO ship!
[MEXG1] Tacobelian Guard: ¡Es un idioto muy grande!

Roger: What's up with him? He looks a little quiet.
Ship Guard: He's a foreigner from the Tacobelian quadrant.
Ship Guard: We got him through the EMEP.
Roger: The EMEP?
Ship Guard: Expendable Minion Exchange Program.
Ship Guard: He doesn't even speak Intergalactic English - just some kind of strange alien gibberish we can't make out.
[MEXG2] Tacobelian Guard: ¡Hola, señor!
Roger: ¡Hola!
Roger: ¿Como estás?
[MEXG3] Tacobelian Guard: Muy bien, gracias.
[MEXG4] Tacobelian Guard: ¿Es tu primera vez en Radonio?
Roger: ¡Si! ¡Estoy helado!
[MEXG5] Tacobelian Guard: ¡Ha ha ha! ¡Si, si!
Ship Guard: You understand what he's saying?
Roger: Not a word.
Roger: He sure seems to react to these noises I'm making, though.
[MEXG6] Tacobelian Guard: ¡Mierda!

403 - Boot Camp - Forksmith's Ship

[MEXG13] Tacobelian Guard: ¡Es señor Wilco, eh!

Global Script

Roger: Stand aside. The General asked me to park his ship back in the fortress.
Ship Guard: You've got the keys, so I guess it's all right.
Ship Guard: Just take it into the shuttle bay and one of the hundreds of guards there will be happy to park it for you.
Roger: Hundreds of guards?
Ship Guard: Yeah. We can't be too careful. Roger Wilco's on the loose and that's his most likely point of entry.
[MEXG7] Tacobelian Guard: ¡Este es el mismisimo Roger Wilco, tarado!
[MEXG8] Tacobelian Guard: ¡Si le quitas el bigote falso le pegare un tiro en la cara!
Roger: Could I use this ship to enter a DIFFERENT part of the fortress?
Ship Guard: Nope. The shuttle bay's the only way in.
Roger: Hmmm... hang tight. I want to snoop around a bit more.

Roger: Would either of you fellows care for a shard of highly-reflective Octuple-Thick Pseudo-Morphed Windshield Glass?
Ship Guard: Oh, no thanks - I've got plenty at home. But my partner might.
[MEXG9] Tacobelian Guard: ¡Yo no quiero la basura estúpida!
[MEXG10] Tacobelian Guard: ¡Y usted! ¿Qué clase de idiota carga vidrio en los pantalones?!
Ship Guard: Easy there, Lopez. You don't need to get so excited. It's yours if you want it.
[MEXG11] Tacobelian Guard: ¡Mi nombre no es López, malito humano!
Ship Guard: Maybe you'd better hold onto that for now.

[MEXG12] Tacobelian Guard: ¡Dejatelo en tus pantalones, conserge cochino!