Script for Mary Jane

Description: Vohaul's girlfriend in his late teenage years.
Ended up ditching Vohaul in favour of the Andromedan Bronze.
Should probably be voiced a bit like a generic teenage bimbo.
The memory is an exaggerated version of reality, so some overacting may fit the character.

707 - Vohaul's Mind - Beach

Roger: Hey, hot stuff.
[MARY2] Mary Jane: Hey, old man, are you, like, hitting on me?
Roger: Ummmm... no.
[MARY3] Mary Jane: Gawd, you're like, old enough to be my grandpa! Ewwww!!! And what's that smell?! Is that old man smell?
Roger: Listen, I'm just going to leave you alone.

Beach Vohaul: Excuse me, I'm with a lady here.
Beach Vohaul: So, gosh, Mary Jane! That homecoming dance is coming up soon, isn't it?
[MARY4] Mary Jane: It totally is! I can't believe no one's asked me out yet!
Beach Vohaul: Yeah, me neither. And you know, I've been meaning to ask you something...
[MARY5] Mary Jane: What is it, Vohaul?
Beach Vohaul: Well, um, gosh... gee, you see, it's... it's like this... errr...
Bronze: Hey, Mary Jane! Why's a hot babe like you wasting your time with this poindexter?
[MARY6] Mary Jane: Oh, hi, Bronze!
Bronze: I've got all the ladies lining up around the block wanting me to take them to homecoming, but I've only got eyes for you. Tell ya what, why don't you dump this nerd and get yourself a real man?
Beach Vohaul: Beat it, Bronze! Can't you see I'm with the lady?
Bronze: Ooh! The nerd is standing up for himself! I think he needs to cool it!

Beach Vohaul: Hey, stop it!
Bronze: As you can see, I am clearly the superior man in this bout. Come on, Mary Jane - let's get out of here before you get nerd germs all over your pretty face.
[MARY7] Mary Jane: Golly, Vohaul - he does raise a valid point. After all, he doesn't have sand in his face.
Beach Vohaul: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bronze: Yeeee-OOOWWWWW!!!!
[MARY8] Mary Jane: Vohaul, that was totally hot how you stood up to that guy!
Beach Vohaul: So as I was saying, how would you like to go to... uh...
[MARY9] Mary Jane: Go to homecoming with you?
Beach Vohaul: Yeah! That's it!
[MARY10] Mary Jane: Sounds great! You know I've always had a thing for nerds, right?
Beach Vohaul: Sweet!
Roger: My work here is done.
Roger: Right - I'll go now.

Global Script

Roger: Hey, little lady. How about some highly-reflective Octuple-Thick Pseudo-Morphed Windshield Glass? I hear it's great for the skin.
[MARY1] Mary Jane: Pfft. Yeah, like, LAST YEAR. Only squares use it now.