Script for Marty

Description: Will be voiced by himself.

Dialog: dMarty

Roger: So you're... Marty?
[SFX1] Marty: Yup. Background artist.
Roger: Hi!
[SFX2] Marty: Hello.

Roger: Hmm, have you already finished the backgrounds for the end of the game?
[SFX3] Marty: Yeah.
Roger: Can you give me a heads-up on what to expect?
[SFX4] Marty: Well, there's the swamp of the jelly crocodiles, whom you can defeat with mayonnaise...
[SFX5] Marty: Oh, and there's a Labion Terror Beast nest at the top of the volcano.
Roger: Really?
[SFX6] Marty: No.

Roger: So it was you who helped Vohaul pull off that hologram trick?
[SFX7] Marty: Heh-heh-heh. You totally fell for that one.

Roger: Did you have to make Radon so cold?
[SFX8] Marty: Actually, it was originally going to be a tropical beach planet.
[SFX9] Marty: But then Al stole the backgrounds and put them up at his fake beach resort.
Roger: Dastardly!

599 - Fortress - Team Cameo Room

[SFX14] Marty: Did you just grab my ass?
Roger: Sorry!

Roger: Is this one of yours?
[SFX15] Marty: Yup. I drew that.
Roger: Can you erase it?
[SFX16] Marty: No, you're stuck with it.

[SFX17] Marty: Hey! I drew that!

Roger: Whoa, this guy's backgrounds are looking awesome.
[SFX18] Marty: Thanks - this is nothing, really!

[SFX19] Marty: Don't touch! It's not dry yet.