Script for Monolith Manager

Description: This guy was responsible for Vohaul being fired from Monolith Burger.
He is rather intimidating and likes to boss his subordinates around.
However, just like he may fire a less satisfying employee on a whim, he will not hesitate to reward those Monolith Burger-workers that impress him.
Could sound somewhat similar to Mayor Nurb, although this character is bigger.
The memory is an exaggerated version of reality, so some overacting may fit the character.

708 - Vohaul's Mind - Monolith Burger

Monolith Vohaul: Sorry, but could you step aside for a moment? I've got a customer.
Monolith Vohaul: Welcome to Monolith Burger, home of the Arterial Clogger. May I take your order?
[MANA1] Monolith Manager: Yes, I would like a Mini Monolith with a side of Space Spuds and a small Tango©.
[MANA2] Monolith Manager: And perhaps a small MonoFlairy, please.
Monolith Vohaul: Yes sir, I'll get right on it! Your number is 16.
Narrator: You watch as Vohaul rushes about to prepare the customer's meal, then watch the customer hastily gobble it up. He soon returns to the counter.
Monolith Vohaul: Did you enjoy your meal, sir?
[MANA3] Monolith Manager: Are you the head supervisor today?
Monolith Vohaul: Yes, why?
[MANA4] Monolith Manager: I am actually the new regional manager of Monolith Burger in this quadrant.
[MANA5] Monolith Manager: I've come here today to do a surprise review of your store.
Monolith Vohaul: Oh...

[MANA6] Monolith Manager: First off, I asked for a Mini Monolith and was given a Jumbo-sized.
Monolith Vohaul: Sorry. The chef didn't get me your order in time.
[MANA7] Monolith Manager: This is a team effort. I have lots of stores to review today and I can't fill up on Jumbos. Sorry, no marks there.

[MANA8] Monolith Manager: First off, let's start with the Monolith Burger.
[MANA9] Monolith Manager: It was perfectly cooked, well presented, with just the right amount of grease. Full marks!
Monolith Vohaul: Thank you, sir!

[MANA10] Monolith Manager: First off, let's start with the Monolith Burger. You completely forgot to get me one!
Monolith Vohaul: Sorry. The chef didn't get me your order in time.
[MANA11] Monolith Manager: This is a team effort. Sorry, no marks there.

[MANA12] Monolith Manager: Secondly, the space spuds: no salt. Can't pass you on that, I'm afraid.
Monolith Vohaul: Awww...

[MANA13] Monolith Manager: Secondly, the space spuds: crunchy, and heavily salted. Full marks!
Monolith Vohaul: Excellent!

[MANA14] Monolith Manager: Next, there was the Tango©. It was disgusting and non-carbonated. No marks.
Monolith Vohaul: But we just changed the tank!

[MANA15] Monolith Manager: Next, there was the Tango©. It was disgusting as usual, but at least it had bubbles. Full marks!
Monolith Vohaul: Yes!

[MANA16] Monolith Manager: No marks for the lack of MonoFlairy, of course.
[MANA17] Monolith Manager: I can't believe that the machine is broken on a hot day like this!
Monolith Vohaul: I'm very sorry, sir - so sorry!

[MANA18] Monolith Manager: And one nice, creamy MonoFlairy. Perfect, full marks!
Monolith Vohaul: Phew!

[MANA19] Monolith Manager: Incidentally, there was a huge spill on the floor during my entire meal and not once did anyone clean it up.
[MANA20] Monolith Manager: In fact, I'm standing in it right now.
Monolith Vohaul: Sorry, sir. I couldn't leave the till.
[MANA21] Monolith Manager: No, but it's your job to keep the team on track.

[MANA22] Monolith Manager: Last, but by no means least, the cleanliness.
[MANA23] Monolith Manager: Aside from our trademark 'messy table,' it looks to be excellent, full marks!
Monolith Vohaul: Thanks!

[MANA24] Monolith Manager: Hmm... I'm going to have to be honest with you.
[MANA25] Monolith Manager: The worst time I've ever had in my life was those ten minutes I just spent in this restaurant.
[MANA26] Monolith Manager: I mean, seriously - my whole meal was pre-processed potato substitutes and some kind of stale fluid in a cup.
[MANA27] Monolith Manager: If I were a real customer, I'd have hopped over this counter and curbstomped you to death.

[MANA28] Monolith Manager: Overall, this was a very unsatisfying visit.
[MANA29] Monolith Manager: You made way too many mistakes and we can't let this happen to the customers.

[MANA30] Monolith Manager: For real, this isn't the worst store I've been in this week, but it's nothing to write home about.
[MANA31] Monolith Manager: Plus, I have a quota of stores I need to shut down today and I don't want to make a trip back across the galaxy to that other place.

[MANA32] Monolith Manager: An excellent review! In fact, this is probably one of our best restaurants I have ever seen!
[MANA33] Monolith Manager: I'll be certainly mentioning your name to the CEO.
[MANA34] Monolith Manager: And you can bet on an upcoming promotion with a nice six-figure income and a yacht!
Monolith Vohaul: Oh, thank you very much, sir!
[MANA35] Monolith Manager: Somebody get this guy some girlfriends! And for God's sake, somebody grovel at his feet!
[MANA36] Monolith Manager: This man is a GOLDEN GOD of the fast food world!
Monolith Vohaul: Yeah!!!
Roger: I think I triggered a daydream somewhere. Time to get back to the atrium.

[MANA37] Monolith Manager: I'm effectively shutting down this location and firing all the employees, many of whom have families to support.
[MANA38] Monolith Manager: Rest assured that when they're all living off the streets and eating rats for change, they'll forever BLAME YOU.
[MANA39] Monolith Manager: You have ten seconds to evacuate the premises before we bulldoze you all to death.
Monolith Vohaul: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!