Script for Lewdy

Description: The Furkunz techie who sets off to destroy Vohaul's fortress.
Doesn't trust Roger at first, but ends up being of vital aid.
He has a somewhat laidback disposition - sort of an "I'm done when I'm done"-kind of guy.

Dialog: dLewdy

Roger: I'm kind of lost. How do I find the moon from here?
[LEWD1] Lewdy: The moon? I think they moved that into space.
Roger: So how do I get up there?
[LEWD2] Lewdy: I suppose you could flap your arms. Or take one of the shuttles in the shuttle bay.
Roger: Flap my arms! That's it!
[LEWD3] Lewdy: ...OR, take one of the shuttles in the shuttle bay.
Roger: Why? What good would that be?
[LEWD4] Lewdy: Right, you're on your own there.

Roger: Hey, could you check out something for me on that computer again?
[LEWD5] Lewdy: Give me a second. I'll crawl back inside the computer and have a look-see.

Roger: Know any codes for the monorail?
[LEWD6] Lewdy: Nope.
Roger: Then how'd you get in here?
[LEWD7] Lewdy: Osmosis.
Roger: Osmosis?
[LEWD8] Lewdy: It's a Furkunz thing.
Roger: Hmm... but can't you then, like, osmose back out and escape or something?
[LEWD9] Lewdy: ... you don't know anything about Furkunz osmosis, do you?
Roger: Can you really blame me?

Roger: You know, you can come out of there anytime.
[LEWD10] Lewdy: That's okay. I feel safe in this little womb.
Roger: You mean room.
[LEWD11] Lewdy: Why? What'd I say?

Roger: So why do they call you Lewdy?
[LEWD12] Lewdy: They caught me peeking in the ladies' sauna once.
Roger: There's female Furkunz?
[LEWD13] Lewdy: No, we asexually reproduce. OF COURSE there's females!
Roger: I haven't seen any.
[LEWD14] Lewdy: Oh, yeah? Well, I haven't seen any of YOUR females!
Roger: There's one up on the moon.
[LEWD15] Lewdy: Maybe you'll find some lady Furkunz on the moon too, then.

Roger: Well, I'm gonna go find a way off this rock.
[LEWD16] Lewdy: And I'll just stay in here.

502 - Fortress - Monorail Station

[LEWD17] Lewdy: All done, boss.

[LEWD18] Lewdy: Hey! Hands off! Get your own ventilation shaft!

Roger: You look suspiciously like a Furkunz.
[LEWD19] Lewdy: It's too late, bald monkey! I've already set the countdown! This place is going up like grandma's farts at a campfire!
Roger: You must be Lewdy.
[LEWD20] Lewdy: You don't know me, 'cause I sure as heck don't know you!
Roger: I'm Roger Wilco. Finkle sent me. He wants you shut off the self-destruct sequence.
[LEWD21] Lewdy: Nice try, but that sounds like a sneaky monkey plan to me. How do I know you ain't just some health inspector?
Roger: You're really committed to this whole blow-yourself-up thing, aren't you?
[LEWD22] Lewdy: Until you can prove you're with us, we're all gonna die.

Roger: Can you PLEASE stop that self-destruct sequence?
[LEWD23] Lewdy: I ain't listenin' to no monkey!

Roger: Look, see this? I snatched this from Merf's house.
[LEWD24] Lewdy: Hey, I drew those plans! So Merf stole 'em , eh?
Roger: Now will you PLEASE shut off the self-destruct sequence?
[LEWD25] Lewdy: All right, all right - hold your horses...

Roger: Do you want this?
[LEWD26] Lewdy: A cat? Sure, I'll have it.
Roger: No, it's a piece of highly reflective Octuple-Thick Pseudo-Morphed Windshield Glass.
[LEWD27] Lewdy: But it's not a cat?
Roger: No.
[LEWD28] Lewdy: I don't want it.

Roger: Do you want this?
[LEWD29] Lewdy: Not really, no.