Script for Tent Furkunz

Description: Used for responses when Roger talks to various Furkunz tents.
Should use a variety of different voices, but they don't need to be strictly unique.

307 - Caves - Furkunz Hall

Roger: Knock knock!
[FURK1] Tent Furkunz: Who's there?
Roger: Me!
[FURK2] Tent Furkunz: Me who?
Roger: That's right!
[FURK3] Tent Furkunz: What's right?
Roger: Meehoo!
[FURK4] Tent Furkunz: That's what I want to know!
Roger: What's what you want to know?
Roger: Me who?
Roger: Yes, exactly!
[FURK5] Tent Furkunz: Exactly what?
Roger: Yes, I have an Exactlywatt on a chain!
[FURK6] Tent Furkunz: Exactly what on a chain?
Roger: Yes!
[FURK7] Tent Furkunz: Yes what?
Roger: No, Exactlywatt!
[FURK4] Tent Furkunz: That's what I want to know! (Duplicate)
Roger: I told you - Exactlywatt!
[FURK5] Tent Furkunz: Exactly what? (Duplicate)
Roger: Yes!
[FURK7] Tent Furkunz: Yes what? (Duplicate)
Roger: Yes, it's with me!
[FURK8] Tent Furkunz: What's with you?
Roger: Exactlywatt - that's what with me.
[FURK2] Tent Furkunz: Me who? (Duplicate)
Roger: Yes!
[FURK9] Tent Furkunz: Go away.

Roger: Hello.
[FURK10] Tent Furkunz: Nookie!
Roger: Pardon?
[FURK10] Tent Furkunz: Nookie! (Duplicate)
Roger: What?
[FURK10] Tent Furkunz: Nookie! (Duplicate)
Roger: I don't get it.
[FURK11] Tent Furkunz: And you never will.

[FURK12] Tent Furkunz: Squeal like a pig, boy! Squeal like a pig!
Roger: I beg your pardon?!
[FURK13] Tent Furkunz: Oh, hi! We're playing 'Animal Noises' in here!
[FURK14] Tent Furkunz: Now moo like a cow! And buzz like a bee!

[FURK15] Tent Furkunz: This is the tent of
[FURK16] Tent Furkunz: Haiku poems by Furkunz
[FURK17] Tent Furkunz: The cherry blossoms.

Roger: Hello.
[FURK1] Tent Furkunz: Who's there? (Duplicate)
Roger: The Ghost of Christmas Past.
[FURK18] Tent Furkunz: Oh!
[FURK19] Tent Furkunz: What's Christmas?
Roger: Never mind.

Roger: Hello.
[FURK20] Tent Furkunz: It's a good thing you've arrived. It's a very special night.
[FURK21] Tent Furkunz: It's one of the master's affairs.
Roger: No thanks. I've had my share of crossdressing in Space Quest IV.

Roger: Hello.
[FURK22] Tent Furkunz: Your pointilistic hello, despite obvious dadaist leanings, remains, instead of being cleverly minimalistic...
[FURK23] Tent Furkunz: falls into nonsentical absurdist tendencies equivalent to late century neo-proto-surrealism...
Roger: I didn't know they had art critics in this game.
[FURK24] Tent Furkunz: Ah, referring to the metafictional nature of this game, I see.
[FURK25] Tent Furkunz: I applaud you, very po-mo of you.

Roger: Hello.
[FURK26] Tent Furkunz: What is a common greeting word?
Roger: That is correct!
Narrator: Tent of Jeopardy.

Roger: Knock knock.
[FURK1] Tent Furkunz: Who's there? (Duplicate)
Roger: Interrupting Cow.
[FURK27] Tent Furkunz: Interrupting Cow who?
Roger: Interrupting Cow from Andromeda.
[FURK28] Tent Furkunz: Great, you've spoiled my favorite jo--
Roger: Didn't see THAT one coming, did you?
[FURK29] Tent Furkunz: Yep, I admit--
[FURK30] Tent Furkunz: Now you're pushing it.

Roger: Hello.
[FURK9] Tent Furkunz: Go away. (Duplicate)
Narrator: Tent of Misantrophy.

Roger: Hello.
[FURK31] Tent Furkunz: Go away!
[FURK32] Tent Furkunz: And tell Lewdy I ain't got his welding torch, either.
Roger: What?
[FURK33] Tent Furkunz: You're not trying to fix your bike?
Roger: No.
[FURK34] Tent Furkunz: And your gang's not heading for an ambush up the road?
Roger: I don't even have a gang.
[FURK35] Tent Furkunz: Pardon. My mistake.

Roger: Hello.
[FURK36] Tent Furkunz: Hello, you've reached the tent of Rene. This is not a recorded message.
Roger: It seems that he's got a Magritte TX-1917-Alpha Answering Machine.
Roger: Top-of-the-line.

Roger: Knock knock.
[FURK37] Tent Furkunz: Don't you have any other jokes?
Roger: Well, if I knew the plural form of Furkunz, I'd ask you how many does it take to change a lightbulb?
[FURK38] Tent Furkunz: Just one.
Roger: Why's that?
[FURK39] Tent Furkunz: Because there is no plural form of Furkunz.
Roger: That makes sense.

Roger: Hello.
[FURK40] Tent Furkunz: Yeah yeah yeah, you want your funny line like all the other tents have...
[FURK41] Tent Furkunz: Here's your funny line.
Roger: This isn't funny.
[FURK42] Tent Furkunz: Your mom.

Roger: Knock knock.
[FURK43] Tent Furkunz: Roger Wilco who?
Roger: I'm confused.
[FURK1] Tent Furkunz: Who's there? (Duplicate)
Roger: Ahh, I get it.
Roger: Sloppy beta-testing.
Comment: Discworld reference

Roger: Hello.
[FURK45] Tent Furkunz: Nice haircut, Cindy.
Roger: Who said that?
[FURK46] Tent Furkunz: You did.
Roger: I'm not sure what just happened.
[FURK47] Tent Furkunz: Yeah, but you'll be bothered by this until your last day.
Roger: How disturbing.
[FURK48] Tent Furkunz: See? Works already.

Roger: Hello.
[FURK49] Tent Furkunz: Aardvark.
Roger: Hehehehehehehe.

Roger: Knock knock.
[FURK1] Tent Furkunz: Who's there? (Duplicate)
Roger: Not only not no one, not even not he.
[FURK50] Tent Furkunz: Heard that one already.

Roger: Hello.
Roger: I guess nobody's home.
[FURK51] Tent Furkunz: That's right, boy.
Roger: Are you coming back anytime soon?
[FURK52] Tent Furkunz: After you leave.
Roger: Okay, I'll just stick around 'til then.
[FURK53] Tent Furkunz: Not the brightest electron in the subatomic accelerator, aren't you?
Roger: Hey watch it, I'm an Intergalactic Janitor!
[FURK54] Tent Furkunz: But who are you talking to? There's nobody here.
Roger: Oh. Right.

Roger: Knock knock.
[FURK55] Tent Furkunz: Come in.
Roger: You are not a fun guy.
[FURK56] Tent Furkunz: That's because I'm not a mushroom.

[FURK57] Tent Furkunz: Oh, snuggly-cakes!
[FURK58] Tent Furkunz: Oh, fuzzy-wuzzy-luvvy-poo!
[FURK59] Tent Furkunz: Oh, cuddly-buttons!
[FURK60] Tent Furkunz: Oh, sweetie-pumpkin!
Roger: I guess caveball isn't their only recreation.

Roger: Hello.
[FURK61] Tent Furkunz: You're expecting a comical reply, but since instead you've gotten a notion about the nature of this conversation, you'll instead refer to it as...
Roger: Tent of Meta-Reference.
[FURK62] Tent Furkunz: Yup.

[FURK63] Tent Furkunz: Error 47: Not a line: $0 script 64994/$f29. Please restart the game.
Roger: But I'll lose all my progress!
[FURK64] Tent Furkunz: Should've saved more often.
Roger: Can't we negotiate something?
[FURK65] Tent Furkunz: Okay, I'll ignore it just this one time. But don't let it happen again.

Roger: Knock knock.
[FURK1] Tent Furkunz: Who's there? (Duplicate)
Roger: Great Cthul.
[FURK66] Tent Furkunz: Great Cthul-who?
Roger: Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.
Roger: I'm not sure why I said that.

Roger: I don't want to talk to this specific tent.
Roger: Something about the texture, I think.
[FURK67] Tent Furkunz: Yeah, well, this tent ain't too fond of you either.

Roger: Hello.
[FURK68] Tent Furkunz: The President's giraffe is midnight blue.
Roger: Tent of Non Sequitur.

Roger: Knock knock.
[FURK1] Tent Furkunz: Who's there? (Duplicate)
Roger: Jacques Derrida.
[FURK69] Tent Furkunz: Jacques Derrida who?
Roger: Precisely.

Roger: Hello.
[FURK70] Tent Furkunz: What do you want from me?!?!
[FURK71] Tent Furkunz: I'm just a tent!!!
Roger: Tent of Belligerence.
[FURK72] Tent Furkunz: Get lost!!!

Roger: Hello.
[FURK73] Tent Furkunz: Whatever.
Roger: Tent of Apathy.
Roger: Or of Teenage Angst, perhaps.
[FURK74] Tent Furkunz: Huh, nobody understands me.
Roger: Yup, Teenage Angst it is.

Roger: Knock knock.
[FURK75] Tent Furkunz: Let me guess, the Interrupting Cow?
Roger: Damn.

Roger: Hello.
[FURK76] Tent Furkunz: Albatross!

Roger: Hello.
[FURK77] Tent Furkunz: Echo.
Roger: I'm confused.
[FURK78] Tent Furkunz: As you should be.
Roger: Why is that?
[FURK77] Tent Furkunz: Echo. (Duplicate)

[FURK79] Tent Furkunz: *snore*
Roger: Ran out of clever jokes, eh Mister Scriptwriter?
[FURK80] Tent Furkunz: Shut up, Wilco.
Roger: Who said that?
[FURK79] Tent Furkunz: *snore* (Duplicate)