Script for Frederik

Description: Will be voiced by himself.

Dialog: dFrede

Roger: So what's your job on the team?
[FRED1] Frederik: Oh, hey! I came up with the original idea for the game and used to be the teamlead. Then I stepped down and eventually ended up as music supervisor and composer.
Roger: You mean it was your idea to resurrect my arch-nemesis as a robot and have him kidnap my pregnant girlfriend?
[FRED2] Frederik: That was me, yeah.
Roger: And then you thought I might enjoy some really annoying music to go along with that?
[FRED3] Frederik: Well, I didn't do *all* of the music, but pretty much, yeah.
[FRED4] Frederik: I guess you could say my MIDI-chlorian count is pretty high!
Narrator: Oh, dear.
Chris: Ugh, did he just say that?
mjomble: I think that one made me go deaf.
pcj: We're totally not letting you out now.
Roger: That totally sucked.
[FRED5] Frederik: Heh. Sorry!

Roger: "Olzen"? What kind of a name is "Olzen"?
[FRED6] Frederik: Look, I was 14, okay? And it kinda stuck. You come up with something better.
Roger: Baron Von Rockdragon.
[FRED7] Frederik: ...Damn!

Roger: So, you've got a bad nickname *and* you're wearing a bowtie?
[FRED8] Frederik: 'Course I'm wearing a bowtie! Bowties are cool!
[FRED9] Frederik: Can you think of anything cooler than a bowtie?
Roger: A fez?
[FRED10] Frederik: Once again, I stand corrected.

Roger: You must have some pretty cool stories from the early days, huh?
[FRED11] Frederik: Not really. I can tell you, you were once supposed to battle Captain Quirk, lick ice walls, wear sandals and blow up toilets.
Chris: There was also an amusement park in the fortress!
mjomble: And a zoo on the moon!
pcj: And in the original ending, Vohaul became your maid!
[FRED12] Frederik: Fortunately, the musical number got scrapped.
Roger: Uh...
[FRED13] Frederik: I know, right?

Roger: Are you doing music on any other projects?
[FRED14] Frederik: Yeah. Have you talked to Chris over there? I did a lot of the music for his 'Space Quest' game, 'Incinerations.'
Roger: So, basically, that means I get to have more annoying music playing loudly in my skull?
[FRED15] Frederik: Yup.

Roger: Do you do requests?
[FRED16] Frederik: Sure! What do you want to hear?

Dialog: dFrede2

Roger: The music in the Furkunz bar was pretty sweet.
[FRED17] Frederik: I'm no match for that blind dude, but I can try.

Roger: Could you play something jolly?
[FRED18] Frederik: Yeah, okay. Just remember - you asked for this.

Roger: I thought I heard something funky coming from the vent when Lewdy climbed in.
[FRED19] Frederik: Ah. That would have been this one.

Roger: How about something... suspenseful?
[FRED20] Frederik: Yeah, I can do that.

Roger: Can you do something I haven't heard yet?
[FRED21] Frederik: Alright. Here's a little something I did for 'Incinerations'.

Roger: To be honest, I kinda like the music in here as it is.
[FRED22] Frederik: Suit yourself.

Roger: Let's go back to the music you had in here before.
[FRED22] Frederik: Suit yourself. (Duplicate)

599 - Fortress - Team Cameo Room

Roger: Hey, how do you guys get out of there anyway?
[FRED23] Frederik: What?
Roger: I don't see a door anywhere.
[FRED24] Frederik: ... oh, crud.
Narrator: I really hope you don't snore.

Roger: What can you tell me about this?
[FRED25] Frederik: Are you carrying a piece of glass around in your pants?
Roger: Yeah.
[FRED26] Frederik: Well, given that I'm Danish, I feel the urge to say something perverted, but since this is supposed to be a family-friendly game, I'll pass.
Roger: Point taken.

[FRED27] Frederik: I don't want it!

Narrator: I see you've noticed our recording studio. This, my friend, is where magic is made.
[FRED28] Frederik: Hey, thanks!
Narrator: I wasn't talking about you.