Script for Vohaul's Father

Description: Vohaul's dad. A very stern man who leaves all of the household stuff to Mrs. Vohaul.
A parody of the traditional 1950's American "master of the house." Note the pipe.
The memory is an exaggerated version of reality, so some overacting may fit the character.

704 - Vohaul's Mind - Desk

Kid Vohaul: Aw, cool! A fireworks potion! Let's see... two parts yellow... one part green...
Kid Vohaul: ...and three parts purple.
Kid Vohaul: Hey, dad! Do we have any more purple in the house?
[FATH1] Vohaul's Father: Why? What are you making? You better not be playing with that chemistry set!
Kid Vohaul: Um... nothing!
Kid Vohaul: My juice is purple! I'll just use that!

[FATH2] Vohaul's Father: Vohaul, what's going on up there? What's all that racket?
Kid Vohaul: Um, nothing. I'm gonna come downstairs and play now... after I wash up.
[FATH3] Vohaul's Father: All right, son. But be quick about it!
Roger: Boy, that was a close one, wasn't it?
Kid Vohaul: Yeah, I'll never disobey my parents ever, ever, ever again!
Roger: You look like you've learned your lesson.
Kid Vohaul: Yeah! It's written ALL OVER MY FACE!
Roger: Hahaha! Oh, Vohaul!
Kid Vohaul: That's me!

705 - Vohaul's Mind - Living Room

[FATH4] Vohaul's Father: Wilby, come downstairs and play with your new toys!
Kid Vohaul: No, that's okay, daddy!
[FATH5] Vohaul's Father: You're not playing with that new chemistry set, are you?
Kid Vohaul: No, daddy!
[FATH6] Vohaul's Father: You better not. There's a parental advisory on that thing. If you blow us all up, I will sell you into slavery.
Vohaul's Mother: Oh, dear - please.
[FATH7] Vohaul's Father: All right, all right - ahem - I will sell you into science! Much more becoming of a Vohaul!
Kid Vohaul: Yes, daddy! I'll be good!
Vohaul's Mother: What a darling little angel.
Slash Vohaul: Sludge sucks!
Vohaul's Mother: Don't call your little brother names, Slash.
Roger: Wilby? Heh.

Roger: Hi, I'm Roger. You must be Vohaul's parents.
[FATH8] Vohaul's Father: Honey, who is this wretched person trying to speak to me?
Vohaul's Mother: I believe he's one of Wilby's little friends, dear.
[FATH9] Vohaul's Father: Well, please tell him he is tacky and he smells bad.
Vohaul's Mother: Tell him yourself, dear.
[FATH10] Vohaul's Father: I shall have nothing more to do with him!

Roger: Excuse me, but...
[FATH11] Vohaul's Father: Sssh! Do you hear that? It is silence. Sssshhhh.
Roger: I just want to know...
[FATH12] Vohaul's Father: I said shush! Why does not he shush?! I slave over a hot stove all day! I demand shush!
Vohaul's Mother: I slave over a hot stove, dear.
[FATH13] Vohaul's Father: No more complaining out of you either!

Roger: Hello, lovely lady, are you familiar with the miracle of highly reflective Octuple-Thick Pseudo-Morphed Windshield Glass?
Vohaul's Mother: Ooh, no! Tell us all about it!
Roger: It slices, it dices, it does your laundry and picks up your kids from school!
Roger: How much would you pay for this amazing product? Don't answer that right away!
Roger: Because if you order it now for three easy payments, you'll also get this handy bucket and spoon!
Vohaul's Mother: Oh, dear! Can I have one? Please!
[FATH14] Vohaul's Father: Hush! He is just a pushy salesman who wants our money!
Roger: Listen to your husband, m'am. He's a smart man - and quite handsome too, I might add.
[FATH15] Vohaul's Father: Flattery will only get you a belt across your behind. Sell your snake oil somewhere else!
Roger: Thank you for your time.

706 - Vohaul's Mind - Exploded Living Room

[FATH16] Vohaul's Father: Mother, after careful consideration, I have decided to sell our son to science.
Kid Vohaul: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!