Script for Drunk Furkunz

Description: The seemingly drunk caveball-victim. He's a permanent feature at the bar.
Likes to quote at least one obscure Pink Floyd-song. You can probably imagine what he sounds like.

Dialog: dDrunk

Roger: Hey, I'm Roger Wilco and I was wondering if...
[DRUN1] Drunk Furkunz: Never he cried, never shall it ye get me alive, ye rotten hound of the burnie crew.
[DRUN2] Drunk Furkunz: Well I snatched fer the blade O my Claymore cut and thrust and I fell doon before him round his feet. Aye!
[DRUN3] Drunk Furkunz: *hic*
Roger: Someone give this man an education.

Roger: Pardon me, would you have any grey poupon?
[DRUN4] Drunk Furkunz: Schyah!
[DRUN5] Drunk Furkunz: Aen' daer glaerch ye foddie ba' choph dy gaorsh!
Roger: On second thought, never mind.
[DRUN6] Drunk Furkunz: G'chyrr byemwhhehhehhehehee...
[DRUN3] Drunk Furkunz: *hic* (Duplicate)

Global Script

Roger: Here, buddy. You probably need this more than me.
[DRUN8] Drunk Furkunz: I dontch needs no highly-refrective psudo-merf oclly-tick windchilled glass.

[DRUN9] Drunk Furkunz: Thersh only one bottle I wership. *hic*