Script for Crab

Description: Roger encounters this small critter within one of Vohaul's memories.
A reference to "Quantum Leap", implying that Sam leaped into a crab's body.

Dialog: dVohBeach2

Roger: My name is Al. I'm a hologram sent back in time to make sure you get the girl.
Beach Vohaul: And what happens if I get the girl?
Roger: Then my mission will be complete and I will be able to make the final leap home.
Beach Vohaul: I'd like to help you out, Al, but I think there's someone else who needs you more than I do.
Roger: Who?
[CRAB1] Crab: Al! Finally! You've got to help me! I leaped into a crab's body and now the seagulls are trying to get me!
Roger: Oh, I... ummm...
[CRAB2] Crab: Yaaaa! Here they come again!
Roger: I'm sure he'll be fine.