Script for Norm

Description: One of the apes in the console room. Their voices may be a little different to distinguish them from the other apes.
Specifically, at one point, Norm "feels a great disturbance in the Force" - an Alec Guiness imitation might be appropriate here.

512 - Fortress - Console

Vohaul: Attention! Wilco's ship just popped up on the radar!
Vohaul: Shut down the automatic defenses immediately!
Vohaul: I want him ALIVE!
Ted: Alright, you heard the boss - time to shut down them missiles!
[CON21] Norm: Um... how do I do that?
Comment: The latter half is a SQ5 reference
Ted: Oh, that's easy. You just adjust the monolever 85 degrees to the left and reverse the phase polarity on the interface grid.
[CON22] Norm: Gotcha!
[CON23] Norm: Wait... wasn't that the procedure for making a fat-free latté?
Ted: Oh yeah. I think you're right.
[CON24] Norm: ...would you like a cup?
Ted: Hmm... okay!
[CON25] Norm: What was that?
Ted: I believe that was the missile we were supposed to disable.
[CON26] Norm: Whoops.

Comment: Bit of a Top Gear reference
[CON27] Norm: Ohhh... that's not gone well.
Ted: That's not gone well at all.

[CON28] Norm: Ted... I just felt a great disturbance in the Force.
Ted: Yeah?
[CON29] Norm: It was as if...
[CON210] Norm: if thousands of snowflakes suddenly cried out in terror...
[CON211] Norm: ...and were suddenly silenced.
Ted: You should really cut down on the sugar, Norm.
[CON212] Norm: Yeah...
[CON213] Norm: ...but we both know I'm not gonna.
Ted: ...hooray for donuts!
[CON214] Norm: Yay!

Never Kenezer: Hey, you two!
Ted: Crap! They found out!
Never Kenezer: Relax. Vohaul doesn't know you botched the defense shutdown.
Never Kenezer: I managed to convince him it was just a malfunction.
Never Kenezer: But if you want to keep it that way, you'll do exactly as I say.
[CON215] Norm: Uhhh... okay.
Never Kenezer: The boss is so obsessed with his revenge on Wilco that he can't think straight.
Never Kenezer: He's about to order everyone to stand down and let that janitor go wherever he pleases.
Ted: That's... unusual.
Never Kenezer: It's an unnecessary security risk, that's what it is.
Never Kenezer: So what you're gonna do is intercept the command and change it, without Vohaul finding out. Can you do that?
[CON216] Norm: I... think we can. What should it say?
Never Kenezer: "Shoot Wilco on sight."
[CON217] Norm: *gulp*
[CON218] Norm: ...okay. We'll do it.
Never Kenezer: Good, good. I'll leave you to it, then.