Script for Charlie

Description: Vohaul's lazy co-worker at Monolith Burger during his teenage years.
Charlie (whom Vohaul remembers as "Charbie") likes his breaks a lot and rarely does any actual work.
Is based on the Ferengi from "Star Trek: The Next Generation".
The memory is an exaggerated version of reality, so some overacting may fit the character.

711 - Vohaul's Mind - Monolith Burger - Break Room

Roger: Hey! Vohaul needs you up front!
[CHAR1] Charlie: Can't you see I'm on my break?
Roger: Yes, and you need to stop being on a break.
[CHAR2] Charlie: I take breaks all the time. I drink my milkshake and I eat my burger! My name is Charbie!
Roger: Your name tag says Charlie.
[CHAR3] Charlie: My name is Charbie!
Roger: Hmmm... I guess Vohaul doesn't remember your name.

[CHAR4] Charlie: I'm still on my break. I will be on my break forever. I hate tiny burgers! My name is Charbie!

[CHAR5] Charlie: Ooh! Jumbo Monolith! Wish I had one of those! All I'm allowed to eat are the tiny things.
Roger: Here you go then!
[CHAR6] Charlie: Hey, thanks!
Roger: Too bad it's never that funny in real life. Remember, kids, say no to feeding each other bleach-coated hamburgers.

[CHAR7] Charlie: I am Charbie and I am immune to your highly reflective Octuple-Thick Pseudo-Morphed Windshield Glass.

[CHAR8] Charlie: I am Charbie! I don't want that!

[CHAR9] Charlie: Hey! Don't take my Mini-Monolith! That little piece of crap is the only free burger I get today!

[CHAR10] Charlie: I don't think so.
Roger: Nuts.