Script for Berthold

Description: One of the two apemen talking to General Forksmith in the intro.

102 - Intro - Apeman HQ

General Forksmith: ...and the plumber says: "Hey, that's not a banana, it's an airplane!"
[APE118] Berthold: Ha... ha... er... I don't get it...
General Forksmith: You will, Berthold. You will.
General Forksmith: All right. Who threw this?
Random Apeman: It... it just came outta nowhere, General Forksmith!
General Forksmith: DO YOU THINK I'M STUPID?! DISKS DON'T JUST COME FRO-- ...wait a minute, what's this?

General Forksmith: YES!
[APE119] Berthold: What?
General Forksmith: It's the disk!
[APE120] Berthold: Wait, you don't mean... THE disk?
General Forksmith: The very same!
Random Apeman: What disk?
General Forksmith: Haven't you heard?
Random Apeman: Heard about what?
General Forksmith: This is the disk we're supposed to use to resurrect master Vohaul!
[APE121] Berthold: By rebuilding him as a robot!
General Forksmith: We've had the schematics for years. All we needed was his mind.
[APE122] Berthold: And now we have it! We can bring him back to life!
Random Apeman: Are we... sure we want to do this?
General Forksmith: ...what do you mean?
Random Apeman: Wasn't he kind of... insane?
Random Apeman: I mean, don't you think we've been better off without him?
[APE123] Berthold: Hmm. It's been pretty boring if you ask me.
General Forksmith: Exactly! We haven't done anything exciting in ages.
[APE124] Berthold: We need a proper leader!
General Forksmith: And now we're going to build ourselves one!
[APE125] Berthold: Vohaul will live again!
Random Apeman: Ah, what the heck...
Narrator: A few weeks later...